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Meet Zach Vance

I am a 35 year old medically retired Marine and Purple Heart recipient. University of North Texas graduate. Husband and father of 2 young sons. Most recently I worked at an Austin cable News organization and had to quit to stay at home with my youngest son in late 2020 because of child care becoming too expensive due to the covid 19 outbreak.  I love Texas, and Texans, with my whole heart and I cannot sit on the sideline any longer and watch people suffer because the people currently in power only care about keeping that power and catering to their big donors. I am a Republican because I believe in true freedom, limited government, fiscal conservatism, personal responsibility, having an educated population through strong public schools, and most importantly the Constitution of the United States of America.

My father was a Houston fire fighter for 33 years until he retired and my mother worked and retired from the pharmaceutical industry. I grew up with two really amazing step parents that also made me the man I am today and I couldn't have imagined life without them.

Throughout my life I have lived for one year, or longer, in each of these Texas cities-  Richmond/Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Rowlett, Nacogdoches, Rockwall, Lewisville, Texarkana, San Antonio, Little Elm, Van Alstyne, and Lago Vista.

  I am a farmer at heart because I love putting seeds in dirt, nurturing those plants and getting something amazing back with my hard work. In farming, the harder you work, the better the return if God allows you the conditions. That is a perfect metaphor for life because the harder we work to better ourselves, the better our outcomes in life become, if it is part of God's plan. With a little bit of luck and with lots of hard work, a person can do absolutely anything. I am a Christian, and I believe we are all part of one big plan that we cannot truly imagine or fully understand. I believe everything happens for a reason and my life has led me to this for a reason. I will make Texas a better place! 

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