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This is not just a campaign to save Texas. It is a campaign to change Texas by changing Texans.

2024 can absolutely be the year we finally flip Texas! But how are we going to actually do it...?

With a lot of hard work and a whole heck of a lot more ingenuity. 

In the 2022 midterm election, Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton never held a true campaign event nor ever spoke at a single candidate forum or debate. Both of them just flooded the airwaves with border and immigration propaganda, and both won by 8 plus points. This should tell every single Democrat that there are not enough active voters in this state that truly care about real issues. Only the border and guns.

Three things have to be done if we want to save Texas:

  • The most important thing that absolutely must happen is that we need to end the culture war. -In Texas, the candidate who runs on fear of people and cultures will always beat the candidate who is running on change and making things/life better for people. If we want change, the culture war must end. That will take a strong and compassionate candidate who can show voters a different perspective and help them overcome their irrational fears. 
  • We also have to turn out at least 800,000 new voters. -This will take a genuinely authentic and empathetic candidate who can connect with people on things other than issues. 
  • And lastly we must swing at least 500,000 "non-partisan right leaning" voters to the left, instead of the right. -Needed for this, in addition to everything else, is a relatable candidate who can inspire the potential "swing" voters by getting them to overcome their emotions about certain things or specific issues. Someone who can get them to know, and believe, that everything is going to be okay.


So, how can my campaign turn out new voters?  First, we must identify which kind of nonvoters we need to target and just exactly how to get them to turnout. 

  1. Some just don't care about politics at all.
        •This group needs to feel a connection to the candidate outside of the issues. I have to connect on things like common interests and personality. They need to get to know me on a deeper level, not just at the surface.
  2. Some care about issues, but may or may not care about politics or a candidate and think that if they vote, nothing is going to change anyway. Or at least the things they truly care about will not be addressed. That voting will be a waste of time.
        •This group needs to know and believe that if I win, they are going to get the things that I told them they were going to get. No lies and false promises. They need to know that I'm going to work my tail off to make the changes that I campaigned on. They will also need to know how I even plan to achieve my goals in order to be successful. That I'm not just blowing smoke.
  3. Would be Democratic voters who don't vote because they think that the Democratic candidate doesn't even have a chance to win.
        •This group needs to see close poll numbers. The closer the better, but at least be within 4 points. There are a lot of people who just don't want to be on a "losing team." If they don't think that I am going to win, they will ask themselves, "why bother?" This goes for a lot of Republican voters also. Many of them just want to be on a "winning team," and they will swing Democratic if they think that the Republican candidate is going to lose. 

We need a Democratic nominee who can draw a clear and defined line in the sand that cannot be mistaken. On one side, good people who actually have a conscience. People who care about other people and about real issues. People who don't have hate in their hearts. People who aren't afraid. Afraid of change or afraid of the future. People who embrace change and who know that that is what makes us better as human beings. People who want a government that actually cares about them. And people who are sick and tired of the bullshit. 

On the other side of that line... everyone else.



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