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My mission for this 2024 Texas Democratic primary is to help push Texas Democrats into the future. To help Democrats learn how to campaign against Republican candidates who run on fear and division. To help the Texas Democratic Party understand that we must change our campaign tactics and messaging if we want to start winning statewide elections. To help candidates learn from our past elections and get the party better as a whole.  Texas Democrats need a Senate candidate who can bring humanity together by getting people to face, and get through, their fears.

The future of this country is riding on the Texas Democratic Party, and the sooner we figure that out the better. Do we keep going down the same losing path, or do we step out off into something different? We must take that first step into a new journey if we actually want change. That first step is the hardest one, but the most beneficial. Democrats need to vote in this Primary with their heads, not their hearts and certainly not their emotions. With a clear mind, focused on flipping Texas in order to make this state and country a much better place. 

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