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This page features my positions on issues relevant to your community and state as a whole. Here is a brief synopsis of each issue I care deeply about. Please look through them and don't hesitate to message me here or on social media if you have any questions or need clarification!

Property Taxes

I will get rid of the appraisal districts. The price you purchase your home for should be the taxed value of your home for the next 20 years. 

I will eliminate property taxes for people who are 65 years or older AND have been in their homes for 10 years. <ORIGINALLY I said 20 years> You should only pay full property taxes on your home for 20 years though. If you have been in your home for 20 years, but are not yet 65, then you should only pay maintenance and operations tax for schools until you reach 65 years.

If you are 65 and older you should only pay Maintenance and Operations tax for 10 years, after ten years you will own it and not have to pay property taxes. (This will only apply to homes appraised at $450,000 or lower in 2020.)

To pay for this though, sales tax will need to increase at least 2 cents. But it is worth it, I promise! That is still cheaper than your homes increase in value if the appraisal districts still function they way they do currently. NO MORE FIGHTING YOUR HOMES INCREASE IN VALUE!!

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Public Education

Texas needs to pay teachers what they deserve! They are overworked and underpaid! We need to hire more teachers so we can get the class sizes down. Children learn better with more attentive teachers, and they can't do that with 25 or more kids in a class. We need to hire more substitutes so teachers can actually take needed days off without having to double up 2 classes on 1 teacher. We need to let teachers teach and not require them to take so many classes themselves throughout the semester. They need to focus on the students, not classes that the state is making them take.

Ending school bullying will be huge priority. No child should hate going to school because of other students who make them feel bad. We need to treat everyone with respect. We need to put more focus on graduating highly capable and highly motivated students that respect themselves, who want better futures for themselves, and who care about other people. Not money and material things. We need to teach boys to treat all women with respect and always be kind to them. Teach them to be leaders who will always call out boys who treat girls less than. School districts in Texas are now required to teach students about dating violence, family violence, child abuse, and sex trafficking after a new law went into effect in early December. Parents though are now required to sign a permission slip for their students to be educated on these subjects, raising concerns that children who may be experiencing abuse at the hands of a parent will be excluded from receiving information that could help them. I will make it mandatory for all students. No student will be able to opt out of these classes.
Young adults need to be better prepared for life after high-school. Like learning how to manage money, manage stress, network and the value of personal connections, communicating professionally, organizational skills, time management, building healthy habits, how to be good leaders and promoting the value of giving back to the community. I want Texas to have the strongest and most educated women in America! As well as the most educated and respectful men in America! 


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Housing Market

Out of state home buyers and Wallstreet rental companies are destroying the housing market. Their cash offers 20 to 30 percent over asking have priced average Texans out of the market. Texans renting can no longer afford homes in Texas. To level the playing field, out of state home buyers must be taxed on their offers 20 to 30 percent. Also add an additional tax to cash offers. Rental corporations will be made to give priority to Texan potential buyers over themselves and need to register all rental properties with the state and pay the state a fee for owning a certain amount of homes. This will pay for the education reforms I want to happen as well as allow Texans to stop renting and purchase their own homes, and build equity through home ownership.  (Read More)

Public Safety and Violence

Public safety in Texas is in dire straits. Police, EMS, and 911 operators are all functioning at minimal capacity. They are overworked and leaving the field/retiring because of staffing levels being so low. The legislature will figure out a solution to this. Police also wear too many hats and need to be more focused on violent crime and protecting people. Mental health situations as well as drug crimes will be taken off their plates. Finding the REAL bad guys will be a top priority for all officers. Violent criminals, thieves, and sex criminals will be severely punished and prosecuted from here on out. Jail sentences need to be much longer for many crimes. We will also standardize punishments for the same crimes. Punishments for one person will be the same for every other person who committed the same offense. All threats to high-schools will be treated as top priority and severely punished. Parents who's children get ahold of their firearms and then use them to commit crimes will be severely punished. All firearm offenses will be severely punished. Helping women get out, and stay out, of abusive relationships will be a top priority of mine. As well as severely punishing the offender/abuser. According to the Texas Council on Family Violence domestic violence deaths increased 23% during the pandemic with most happening in Harris County and 2/3 by by a firearm. I will also pass a bill that declares an unprovoked attack on a member of the LGBT community a hate crime. (Read More)

Texas' Electric Grid

Texas' head utility regulator said the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) intends to realign incentives related to how the state's power grid procures resources. Switching it from an affordability first model to a reliability first model. I believe we can have both. Affordability AND Reliability. Energy companies and gas providers make enough money to ensure they are prepared and protected from extreme weather WITHOUT additional costs to the consumer. If elected I will charge the "Temporarily Winter Storm Surcharge" on your utility bill to gas providers that posted profits of 20 percent or higher because of the winter storm. 
For the most part, I believe power generators and the grid are protected from extreme weather. We just need to make sure now that the gas providers can't get shut down and are protected as well.  (Read More)


Getting as many Texans on an insurance plan will be a top priority of mine. Uninsured Texas must stop using emergency rooms as primary care physicians. That is a huge cost to homeowners! Getting people on preventative health instead of reactive health is a must. Too many people go to the doctor when it is too late instead of getting checked sooner and more regularly. This might include the expansion of medicaid. The legislature will look at ALL options and figure out the best way we can get the MOST people on an insurance plan. And in effect LOWERING PROPERTY TAXES!! (Read More)

Affordable Child Care

Quality affordable child care is getting more and more out of reach for many parents in Texas. In order to keep as many Texans employed as possible the state needs to figure out a solution to give as many parents that need it, quality affordable child care. According to the Chamber of Commerce Foundation report on child care, Texas loses an estimated $9.39 billion due to child care issues. Texas also loses an estimated $7.59 billion due to absences or employee turnover. We CAN solve this problem!  (Read More)

End the War on Drugs in Texas

The problem at the border is a direct result of the United States' failed policy of the war on drugs. Ending the war on drugs is the first domino that must be pushed in order to solve the crisis at the border. The WOD has completely decimated Mexico, South, and Central America. These countries are not run by governments, they are run by narco terrorist organizations profiteering off the illegality of drugs and harsh migration policies the US has implemented. Texas will be the first state to end the war on drugs thus hitting the cartels right where it hurts the most, their pockets. You take away their money and you take away their power. Texas will declare war on addiction, and focus solely on getting people the help they truly need to better their lives. No one understands this more than myself. I became addicted to opioids and benzodiazepines from my wounds I received overseas while serving in the Marine Corps. I needed help, badly! And I was extremely fortunate that the Marine Corps was willing and able to get me that help. I truly know what it is going to take to get people free from addiction.  (Read More)

Homelessness in Texas

I will eliminate homelessness in Texas. Homelessness is caused by any one of, or combination of, a few different factors. Mental illness, drug addiction, catastrophic loss of family, loss of income or job, and/or lack of affordable housing. The state will come up with and find solutions for all of them. No one belongs sleeping in the streets or woods and parks of Texas. I believe in hand ups not hand outs and I will solve this issue in the most humane way possible. I will give these people dignity and purpose again in their lives.  (Read More)

Women's Health and Foster Children

As a Christian myself, I wish abortion would never happen. However I believe in freedom and limited government and that means that lawmakers don't have the right to tell a woman she cannot choose when to become a mother. I want all babies to come into this world to loving families, but that is not the reality of the situation. Instead of focusing on ending abortion, the state needs to focus on giving foster children better lives and make it easier for loving families to adopt a child. I want foster children to feel loved and taken care of by the state. As well as give them free tuition to state funded colleges and all the resources they need to deal with trauma, depression, and any other needs. We need to encourage women who do not want their babies, to give them up for adoption, but also never tell her she cannot choose abortion. Abortions should also be easily accessible and affordable for lower income women. I will repeal the heartbeat bill if elected. Telling people how to live their lives and telling them what they can and cannot do is NOT Republican!! It is authoritarian and dictatorial! I believe in freedom and you should too! (Read More)

Local, State, and Federal Power and Control

The balance between Federal, State, and Local control is a tight line to walk. The line breaks though when ANY of the elected officials stop doing what is in the best interest of the whole and only do things to appease their base. For the most part I believe most authority should remain under local control, but it depends on the issue. I believe city and county leaders know more about what is needed in their communities, but that ends when that official is either too far left or too far right. And that seems to be the case a lot now, especially with state leaders. I believe if we had more people like myself who are more towards the middle run for office, questioning who should have the most power would not be an issue. Elected officials should always have the best interests of everyone in mind, and who or whatever level that is at should have the most power.  (Read More)

Concert Preparations

Concerts will no longer be oversold, and there will be more rigorous planning required to hold large concerts and gatherings. (Read More)

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